Authentic100 136027 089 Air Jordan 5 Shanghai Shen Black Laney 5s 2013 Fast Shipping. Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Where Can i Buy 136027 089 Air Jordan 5 Shanghai Shen Black Laney 5s 2013 With Big Discount One of the downsides of the world's largest social networking site is its facilitation of hate speech, misogyny, homophobia and racism. Facebook has more than 1 billion users, a demographic so large that it stands to reason pockets of it would exist to entertain the worst of humanity's bottom feeders. While you can't blame an organisation that provides a free service for attracting rape apologists, racists, homophobes, misogynists and hate filled bigots, you can hold them to account for knowingly facilitating this kind of behaviour, hiding behind the banner of "free speech" to defend pages with titles like "I kill bitches like you", "I love the Rape Van" and "Raping Babies because you're f ing fearless". And if they still refuse to address it, reasoning that their reach and influence is so great that not even a bunch of panty twisted feminazis can dent their huge success, then you attack their bottom line. It's exactly the motivation behind the FBrape campaign currently being run by a trio of online feminist activists. The FBrape campaign began with an Open Letter to Facebook and continues by asking people to notify advertisers when their ads appear on pages promoting misogyny and violence. The algorithms of Facebook mean that ads appear dependent on the users; an ad for Samsung might appear on a page urging its users to "Kick a Slut today" simply because a user happens to have a fondness for both violence and photographic composition (or perhaps even both, given by how many photographs and videos of women and girls being raped have made their way onto the social network.) But while a company mightn't elect to advertise on a page that tries to pass off the trauma of rape as "controversial humour", knowing that it could appear that way without their permission is what underpins the FBrape campaign. Since the campaign launched last week, companies have already begun pulling advertising, a trend that will hopefully gather momentum as more organisations realise the value in defending women against what representatives from Facebook have referred to as "rude jokes". Look, I love a rude joke. I don't even subscribe to the view that jokes about rape can never be funny. But as Molly Ivins once said: "Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful . When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel it is vulgar." The reason misogyny runs so rampant online is because it's completely facilitated by our culture. As a woman, I find jokes that make fun of rape culture hilarious. What I don't find funny is a joke that relies upon the sexual degradation and torture of a woman to raise a laugh. I especially don't appreciate the minions of Mark Zuckerberg, whose media empire began as a way for Harvard students to minimise the worth of the women in their community by rating their attractiveness, telling me that the real problem here is political correctness and sensitivity. Male rape "humorists" of Facebook, you try living in a world where one in five of you will be raped in your lifetime; where safety is never guaranteed because even if you haven't been raped yet, you still could be; where it is common and not rare for your friends to confide in you the stories of their own sexual assaults, some of whom have been victimised multiple times; where when you are raped, you're reminded of all the ways it was probably your fault; where the leading cause of death among women aged 15 to 44 isn't heart disease or cancer, but domestic violence; where less than 1 per cent of all sexual assault charges will result in a conviction, because no one wants to ruin the promising futures of young men who "made a mistake"; and where the biggest concern in all of this is not how the perpetuation of these kinds of jokes tell women that they're nothing, but whether or not a person's freedom of speech is being threatened. But more than that, more than the violence, more than the blatant misogyny you try living in a world where you are reminded at every turn that you're not allowed to complain about the joke, because you are the joke. And when you've come close to experiencing what that feels like, to be marginalised as fodder for juvenile male humour, to be treated as a punchline in more ways than one, and to be expected to laugh along with it so as not to spoil the fun for all the boys who find the idea of kicking you in the vagina "hilarious", then you tell us to stop being so goddamn sensitive about everything. Petulantly arguing for your right to unleash violent misogyny free from persecution or criticism doesn't just misunderstand the concept of free speech, it also betrays an ironic sense of entitlement. Women are expected to endure attitudes whose logical conclusions result in them being beaten, raped and sometimes killed, with any complaints thrown back in their face with a specially tailored threat to accompany it. But tell any one of these so called freedom fighters that their jokes are a hideous insight into their own warped minds and it's like Stonewall all over again. This is what the FBrape campaign is revealing the insidious, nasty entitlement of cultural misogyny and its skittish reaction to anything that threatens its absolute right to continue unchecked. It's also why I'm lending it my full support. Like Friedman, Bates and Chemaly, I'm over it. I'm tired of being expected to applaud the continued degradation of my people, to marvel at the cleverness of juvenile, angry sexism, to laugh along as these men show me in every foul, unimaginative, aggressive way possible that they think I'm nothing more than a series of holes for them to violate as they please. You should be too. NB: Men are the victims of rape and violence too most often at the hands of other men. And while their trauma is real and far reaching, it has yet to be further compounded by a culture that continuously reminds them of how little control they have over their own bodies and safety. Male rape jokes revolve around the threat of prison issued punishment. Female rape jokes are about ownership. In both situations, it's about the dominant patriarchy wielding masculine power. This isn't a fight between men and women. It's a fight between people who respect women as equal human beings and people who don't. 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SCRANTON If the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl on Sunday, a printing company in Scranton will be a very busy place. Kevin Wholesale in the Pinebrook section has a contract to print t shirts if the Ravens win. At Kevin Wholesale in Scranton workers crank out thousands of screen printed shirts everyday, and late Sunday night, the factory floor will either be organized chaos printing 500 shirts an hour, or it be at a complete stand still. It all depends on the outcome of the Super Bowl. If the Baltimore Ravens win, Kevin Wholesale on Capouse Avenue will be responsible for making thousands of fan t shirts. In the t shirt business, the deal with the NFL and Nike is the so called Bowl of contracts. the job that you do leads to other things so that not out of the realm, but for now, we just focused on Sunday night and doing a great job for them, said Scott Tinkelman, co owner. Employees at Kevin have been dealing with a lot this week leading up to the big game. They been perfecting a prototype t shirt with a design no one can see until Sunday. A lot of anticipation at the factory too, since they won know until the end of the fourth quarter how much work they have to do. Employees at Kevin will actually be encouraged to watch the Super Bowl while they at work on Sunday. To make it easier, they brought a TV to the second floor, closer to where the shirts are made. Employees have to start printing 30 minutes after the game ends. have a full crew here watching the game, and if things go our way we be firing up right away. As soon as we can pull the trigger, off we go and print printprint, said Jim Pettry, the manager. 136027 089 Air Jordan 5 Shanghai Shen Black Laney 5s 2013 ,378037 006 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 308497 033 Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Dark Grey Green Glow Cement Grey Black 130207 101 Air Jordan 1 94 Retro White Black Red 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 136027 035 Air Jordan V Oreo Black Cool Grey White 579748 607 Air Jordan 1 Mid Premium GS Valentine Day Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Black Red Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Quite often I hear comments like "I'm going to try minimalist running shoes", as if such a change were a easy task like changing socks. Unless the people who make these comments change their expectations, I'm afraid they will be disappointed with their new shoes. Minimalist running shoes are for people who use a forefoot landing in their running technique. People who use a heel strike landing, which includes most people who are switching from a traditional running shoe, will consider running in a minimalist running shoe uncomfortable. Their heel landing will be jarring, because the heel of their shoe is not as cushioned. When their foot rolls from heel to toe the relatively flat shoe sole will tend to slap the ground. People who make such comments should first ask themselves "Am I willing to switch to the forefoot landing style of running?"The risk of injury while running is high. Continually pounding the pavement with all your weight concentrated on your relatively rigid heel is a significant reason. Since injuries caused by this repetitive impact tend to be long lasting if not permanent, runners need a way of reducing this risk. 1. Heel Cushioning Running shoe manufacturers traditionally reduced this risk by adding cushioning to the soles of their shoes, especially in the heel to cushion the heel strike. This differential cushioning causes a condition called heel to toe drop or "offset". When standing on the floor in bare feet, your heel and forefoot are level. You have no offset. When standing on the floor in traditional running shoes with a well cushioned heel, your heel is several millimeters higher than your forefoot. The difference in height is offset. High offset shoes not only make the heel strike more comfortable, but they also make it difficult to run using any other technique. 2. Forefoot Landing The other way people have reduced this risk of injury is to return to the natural barefoot method of running with its forefoot landing. By landing on your forefoot instead of your heel, your toes, tendons and muscles, with their natural springiness, absorb the impact. If the only shoes available have high offset, the only way to use a forefoot landing would be to run with no shoes. Although running barefoot significantly reduces the risk of the permanent injuries mentioned above, it also introduces the possibility of other minor injuries. Muscle strains Switching from heel strike to forefoot landing does not eliminate the impact forces that cause injuries. It merely transfers the impact to parts of your body that can better absorb it, namely your Achilles tendons and calf muscles. The problem is that when you switch that transfer is made all at once. Regardless of your conditioning as a runner using the heel strike method, your calf muscles will have to be strengthened to handle the forefoot landing. Do it slowly. Start with five minutes a day and work your way up. If you don't, cramps and muscle strains are quite likely which means you will have to start again after a lengthy convalescence. Abrasions, Lacerations, Contusions Running barefoot increases the risk of scrapes, cuts and bruises on the soles of your feet. If you run barefoot anyway, nature will eventually respond by providing natural soles of toughened skin on the bottoms of you feet. You can reduce the risk still further by wearing shoes designed for the forefoot landing that is minimalist running shoes. Types of Minimalist Running Shoes The forefoot landing is the most popular and practical reason for running barefoot, but it is not the only reason. Other reasons are more intuitive than that. For example, running barefoot is a way to experience nature, to become one with the environment, to feel the ground or to experience freedom. Consequently, minimalist running shoes, which came about as alternatives to running barefoot, are as varied as those reasons. Purely minimal Running in these shoes are as close to running barefoot as possible and still be wearing shoes. They have low offset, thin soles, light weight, minimal uppers, high flexibility and ample toe room. Shoes in this category include shoes for racing and training. Comfortable minimal Not all users of minimalist shoes approach the shoe from a barefoot perspective. Some like the low offset so that they can do the forefoot landing, but do not want to give up the comfort of cushioning. Shoes that fit into this category have less ground feel, less flexibility and more weight due to thicker soles. Controlled minimal Some runners cannot go barefoot. They need arch support and/or pronation control devises. These people can find minimalist running shoes to accommodate so that they can still do the forefoot landing. Again, shoes that fit into this category have less ground feel, less flexibility and more weight due to thicker soles. Trail minimal Some runners run on rough terrain. The purely minimal shoes designed for road running may not hold up exceptionally well in such harsh conditions. These runners need minimalist shoes that are tougher than that. Again, shoes that fit into this category have less ground feel, less flexibility and more weight due to thicker soles and more durable uppers. Amphibious minimal Some sports call for shoes that can be submerged in water. Examples are steeple chase, triathlons, kayaking and angling. Light Weight Shoes Some people want aspects of minimalist running shoes but still want to use the heel strike method of running. With the use of high tech materials and techniques, manufacturers can make shoes with a cushioned heel and a high offset that are still flexible and are light weight and are called minimalist by their manufacturer. 136027 089 Air Jordan 5 Shanghai Shen Black Laney 5s 2013,LOS ANGELES The Los Angeles Lakers finally got their first look at the revamped Miami Heat, and the champs might be a little bit disturbed by what they saw.LeBron James had 27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists while hitting a season high five 3 pointers, and the Heat thrived on the holiday stage in a on Saturday.Associated PressMiami Heat forward Chris Bosh, left, goes up for a dunk as Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, right, of Spain defends while forward Matt Barnes (9) and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade look on during the second half.Chris Bosh had 24 points and 13 rebounds, Dwyane Wade added 18 points on a sore knee and the Heat won for the 14th time in 15 games while flustering the two time defending champions into a terrible offensive performance.Although both teams called the game a television curiosity rather than a potential NBA finals preview, it clearly meant something to James, who had his third triple double with Miami and the 31st of his career. He also outplayed Bryant again in his second straight Christmas win at Staples Center, punctuating the win with what certainly appeared to be mutual trash talk in the final minutes.Bryant and Pau Gasol scored 17 points apiece for the Lakers, who fell behind early and never caught up to the tantalizing new contenders for their title.James played a balanced, patient game, even after a technical foul near halftime for an under the basket scuffle with Lakers defensive stopper Ron Artest. James teammates contributed enough to keep the Heat comfortably ahead, with Bosh playing an outstanding first half and Mario Chalmers contributing 13 points in a reserve role, including three 3 pointers.Lamar Odom had 14 points and nine rebounds for the Lakers, who have lost two straight at home after winning five in a row on the road, following up Tuesday collapse against Milwaukee with this high profile flop.Although Bryant wore garish green shoes for the holiday, his Lakers simply didn raise their games to meet the spotlight that follows Miami, falling well behind in the first half and never making a run.While the Heat realize Boston and Orlando are much more important obstacles to their championship hopes, and while the Lakers don get terribly excited about playing anybody except the Celtics, there was a palpable edge in the crowd at Staples Center.It turned into frustration as the Lakers mostly failed to match the Miami stars big game effort. Bryant, who picked up his third technical foul in two games, was visibly displeased with his teammates throughout the second half.Coach Phil Jackson dislikes the Lakers annual spot on the NBA Christmas schedule, and perhaps for reasons beyond the season: Los Angeles dropped to 4 8 on Christmas since 1999, including last season one sided loss to James Cleveland Cavaliers.At least this year the Lakers didn hand out giveaway foam hands, dozens of which were thrown onto the court late in last year game.Players on both teams broke out festive holiday sneakers for the occasion, including lime green Nike kicks on Bryant, Gasol and Odom. James and Bosh wore holiday red shoes with garish green laces.Wade missed the Heat win in Phoenix on Thursday night to rest his sore knee, and he wasn yet 100 percent at Staples. He acknowledged the injury increased his fatigue, which seemed obvious in two missed dunks in the first half.Yet Miami thrived with defense, holding both Bryant and Gasol without a field goal in the first quarter. The Heat pushed the lead to double digits early in the second quarter.James got his T shortly afterward for shoving Artest under the basket with 10 seconds left in the first half after Artest nearly put James in a headlock while battling for rebounding position.NOTES: The Lakers had won five straight home games against Miami, including last season win on a buzzer beating 3 pointer banked in over Wade defense by Bryant, who called it the luckiest shot of his career. . Artest dived into the Miami bench in the third quarter chasing his own turnover, nearly flattening Miami Jamaal Magloire. . /Article >

How Can i Buy 136027 089 Air Jordan 5 Shanghai Shen Black Laney 5s 2013,656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), formerly the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), administers Medicare, Medicaid, related quality assurance programs, and other programs. It also makes certain that its beneficiaries are aware of the services for which they are eligible, that services are accessible, and that they are provided in an effective manner. CMS ensures that its policies and actions promote efficiency and quality within the total health care delivery system. Questions concerning Medicare or Medicaid can be made to the above number or sent by mail or electronic mail to the agency. The Amyloidosis Foundation is a non profit organization that is the result of the merge in 2007 of the Amyloidosis Research Foundation and the Amyloidosis Support Network. With the merge of these two organizations, the missions of both are brought together. The Amyloidosis Foundation continues to support research through the grant program, work towards raising awareness of the disease and helping patients and their families. The mission of the foundation is to increase education and awareness of amyloidosis within the community leading to earlier diagnosis and improved treatment. Founded in 1950, the National Council on the Aging is the nation's first charitable organization to serve as a national voice and powerful advocate on behalf of older Americans. NCOA is an innovator, developing programs such as BenefitsCheckUp, Foster Grandparents and Family Friends. NCOA is an activator, working with thousands of its community organization members nationwide to provide needed services to older people. NCOA is a private, nonprofit association of some 3,500 member organizations and individuals that include senior centers, area agencies on aging, employment services, congregate meal sites, faith congregations health centers, and senior housing. NCOA also includes a network of more than 17,000 organizations and individuals including its members, professionals and volunteers, service providers, consumer groups, businesses, government agencies, religious groups and voluntary organizations. The National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD) is a unique federation of voluntary health organizations dedicated to helping people with rare "orphan" diseases and assisting the organizations that serve them. NORD is committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, and service. Office hours are from Monday Friday 9am 5pm EST. Voice mail is available. NORD's web site also includes a searchable version of the Rare Diseases Database (RDB). There are also additional NORD databases you may access. Review Date: December 28, 2010 NeedyMeds is a 501(c)(3) non profit information resource devoted to helping people in need find assistance programs to help them afford their medications and costs related to health care. The mission of NeedyMeds is to make information about assistance programs available to low income patients and their advocates at no cost. The NeedyMeds website is the face of the organization. Databases such as Patient Assistance Programs, Disease Based Assistance, Free and Low Clinics, government programs and other types of assistance programs are the crux of the free information offered online. Review Date: November 09, 2011 Patient Access Network helps commercially and federally insured patients with copayment obligations associated with their healthcare treatments. Since 2004, Patient Access Network has helped over 80,000 patients by providing nearly $119 million in financial assistance. PAN provides individual grants of $1,500 to $10,000 annually to cover co payments, deductibles, and co insurance for underinsured patients. Funds are provided to assist patients with a variety of diseases and conditions, including: Cystic Fibrosis, Gaucher Disease, Hepatitis B and C, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Thyroid Cancer. Review Date: September 06, 2011 Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is a national non profit organization that seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, maintenance of employment and preservation of their financial stability. PAF provide effective mediation and arbitration services to patients to remove obstacles to healthcare including medical debt crisis, insurance access issues and employment issues for patients with chronic, debilitating and life threatening illnesses. Review Date: February 23, 2011 The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents the country's leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies, which are devoted to inventing medicines that allow patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. PhRMA's mission is winning advocacy for public policies that encourage the discovery of life saving and life enhancing new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical/biotechnology research companies. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) a nationwide effort sponsored by America's pharmaceutical research companies helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free. RxAssist is committed to helping all patients find access to the medications they need. With RxAssist, you can research patient assistance programs and download applications, print drug coupons, and find state run and charitable programs that improve access to care. In the learning center, you can keep current on health care reform issues, connect with other care providers about medication access, and browse the library of fact sheets, how to guides and other publications. RxHope addresses the needs of millions of people to have an advocate and facilitator in getting their medications for free or at a small co pay. As an integral part of the Triplefin group of companies, RxHope staff is dedicated to making the patient assistance process as easy and comfortable as possible for the patient, the healthcare provider and the pharmaceutical company. RxHope offers a toll free hotline that is available to assist you Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. 136027 089 Air Jordan 5 Shanghai Shen Black Laney 5s 2013 Atlanta Two new studies found that daily pills prevented infection with HIV/Aids in heterosexual men and women in Africa, bringing new hope for some day offering a medical shield against HIV infection. "This is good news. This is a good day for HIV prevention," said Dr Lynn Paxton of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, who has co ordinated the agency's research into HIV prevention. Earlier this year, another study found the same pills did not prevent the HI virus among women in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. But researchers now say that study may have been flawed based on the success of the two studies announced on Wednesday. The first of the new studies, run by the CDC, involved more than 1 200 men and women in Botswana. About half got a daily pill, Truvada, an HIV treatment made by Gilead Sciences Inc. The other half got a fake pill. Results of test An analysis of people who were believed to be regularly taking the pills found four of those on Truvada became infected with HIV, compared with 19 on the dummy pill. That means the real drug lowered the risk of infection by roughly 78%, researchers said. The second study was funded by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation and run by the University of Washington. It involved more than 4 700 heterosexual couples in Kenya and Uganda. In each couple, one partner had HIV and the other did not. The uninfected were given either daily placebos, Truvada pills, or another Gilead treatment, Viread. The study found 13 HIV infections among those on Truvada, 18 in those on Viread, and 47 of those on dummy pills. So the medications reduced the risk of HIV infection by 62% to 73%, the researchers said. An independent review panel on Sunday said the benefit was clear cut and stopped giving placebos, instead offering the preventive pills. Unethical side of study Essentially, they deemed it unethical to withhold the medications from people who had been on the placebo, said Dr Jared Baeten, the University of Washington researcher who co chaired the study. "Our results provide clear evidence that this works in heterosexuals," he said. In both studies, participants also were offered counselling and free condoms, which may help explain the relatively low overall infection rate. The studies were to be announced at an Aids conference in Rome next week. But following the recommendation of the review panel to the University of Washington study, both the CDC and the Washington team made hasty decisions to release the results. These are the third and fourth widely reported studies of Aids prevention medications. Drug works for men, not women The first was announced last year. It was a study of Truvada in gay men in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand and the United States. The drug lowered the chances of infection by 44%, and by 73% or more among men who took their pills most faithfully. Experts celebrated. The CDC gave advice to doctors on prescribing Truvada along with other prevention services for gay men, based on those encouraging results. But momentum seemed to stall in April, when an interim analysis of the study of 3 900 women in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa did not show a benefit from taking Truvada. Scientists are still piecing together why that study pointed to failure and the two latest indicate success. One theory is that the women in the earlier study did not take the medication as often as they should have, Paxton said. On Tuesday, United Nations health officials announced the company had agreed to allow some of its drugs to be made by generic manufacturers, potentially increasing their availability in poor countries.

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