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Carlos Santana, courtesy of J. Karma. This event name says it all. Shoes Booze, what more could one ask for? Stop by J. Karma boutique on Friday, August 21st for its bi annual shoes accessories sale. You save 40% to 75% off designer shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Drinks start flowing at 3 pm, featuring a favorite, Absolut Vodka. Then from 6 pm to 9 pm, you be shopping to the DJ funky beat. Deals and drinks will be plentiful. Shoes by Carlos Santana, like the black patent cross strap peep toe heels pictured above, were originally priced at $72, will be on sale for $43.20. Sassy snake embossed, fire engine red patent leather thongs by Sam Edelman (pictured below), were regularly priced at $78, now on sale for $39. Gorgeous vibrant summer handbags are also on sale, this mustard basket weave satchel with chain detailing by Melie Bianco was originally priced at $95, now on sale for $57. You'll also be able to catch a glimpse of what to come for the Fall season! Don miss out on this one! Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants. 656503 720 Air Jordan Future Volt White ,Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 White Cement 653972 500 Kobe 9 EM 653996 840 Men Size Nike KD7 35K Degrees 2014 Nike Air Foamposite One Knicks Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite The Wantage trainer was initially concerned about dropping the six year old back to two miles after he opened his account over fences with a near foot perfect display in the Dipper Novices' Chase. However, he proved popular in the ante post markets for the Arkle after his defeat of Kicks For Free with Coral offering just 10 1, and connections are now siding with the minimum distance contest in favour of the RSA Chase or the Jewson Handicap. "We still haven't decided what to do with him and need to think about it. Knight added: "He needs one more outing before Cheltenham and could go to Haydock on the 17th.'' Somersby will have just one more outing before heading to the Cheltenham Festival for a tilt at the Supreme Novices' Hurdle. Knight's bumper winner opened his account over timber in facile fashion at Kempton in November, and was due to take the plunge into Grade One company for the Tolworth Hurdle at Sandown before its abandonment due to a frozen track. Knight came close to winning the Tolworth with the legendary Best Mate in 2000 before he finished runner up in the Supreme, and the five year old's trainer is assessing all the options ahead of his March 10th engagement. "It is difficult to say what we will do as the weather looks like staying as it is for about another 10 days or so,'' said Knight. "We will try and find him a novice hurdle somewhere to give him more practice, and I am keen to keep him to two miles as he has quite a lot of speed. "The Rossington Main at Haydock later this month is a possibility, and there is also a race at Newbury, but everyone's hands are tied by the weather at the moment. "One more run will be enough for him and he'll then go to the Supreme, but he does look like a chaser and will go over fences next season.'' Nick Gifford will consider the Rossington Main Novices' Hurdle at Haydock on January 17 for Dee Ee Williams following the abandonment of Sandown Park on Saturday. Gifford said: "There is no set in stone plan at all, but if they reschedule the Tolworth we will have to look at it. "There is also the Rossington Main at Haydock in a couple of weeks time and that would be another option.'' With the Cheltenham Festival now just 10 weeks away, Dee Ee Williams will have a maximum of two runs before heading to his likely target of the Supreme Novices' Hurdle, for which is he just 12 1 with William Hill. Gifford added: "He is a horse who needs more experience, and he wouldn't need an extended break before Cheltenham. "He will tell me how many more runs he needs before the Festival, but he wouldn't have more than two. We'll run where we can go and I am very happy with him. His last run at Ascot was a very decent race and was ran in a very good time.'' 656503 720 Air Jordan Future Volt White,High heel slingback shoes in general make your legs look attractively long and slim and hence are a fine option to add that extra oomph factor to your outfit. The sexy slingback shoes are the best option, if you're looking for something not too loud yet strikingly stylish. To be the most sought after name in the fashion circuit, pointed high heel slingback shoes are a must in your wardrobe. For a classic look go in for the 4 1/2 Inch 4 1/2 Inch Sexy Black Classic Pump Shoe Slingback Pump with Double Bow. To add a little spice to your otherwise casual attire, the trendy Five Inch Sexy Peep Toe Slingback Sandal with side dip would do the trick. For the much anticipated prom night or any particular night where you need to dressup, SummitFashions has in store for you an absolutely classy collection of sexy slingback high heels shoes. Add some dazzle to the night with the black satin 4 Inch Hot Prom Sling Back Sandal Shoes with stiletto heels or the ENCHANT 11 sexy shoes collection that comes with glittering rhinestones arranged in a mind blowing fashion. You even have the option to choose from three chic colors, including black, gold, and silver.

The Premium Quality 656503 720 Air Jordan Future Volt White,Air Jordan Spizike New York Knicks Blue The 28th President of the United States was narrowly re elected to a second term in 1916, running on a campaign of, "Hey, I kept us out of the war!" Of course, he never actually promised to stay out of the war and in April of 1917, American boys were headed overseas to fight the Kaiser. In order to do his part for the war effort at home, Wilson brought in a flock sheep to graze the White House lawn which allowed the administration to do away with the groundskeeper and his crew, quite possibly the first migrant workers who were actually removed from a menial job no one else wanted to do. Among the flock was Old Ike, an ornery ol' ram with a penchant for tobacco. Who exactly supplied the ram with the cigarette butts and black lumps of chewing tobacco is up for discussion, but at a time when the stuff was being handed out to kids on Halloween, it couldn't have been too hard to come by. Anyway, he went about his business on the White House lawn, boinking the sheep until there were 18 of 'em, munching away at the grass and supplying wool which was auctioned off to help the Salvation Army, a group whose beliefs prevented members from drinking and smoking. Old Ike was not a member. And so, Old Ike kept watch over his flock and swallowed copious amounts of tobacco. Finally he had the mother of all a nicotine fits which ultimately claimed his life. Now we're not promoting either tobacco use or promiscuous sex, but you have to admit that Ike the Ram was cool before the country even knew what cool was. The grizzly bear, now affectionately known as nature's surprisingly agile killing machine, was discovered by the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; two men with balls of steel, who were ordered by then president, Thomas Jefferson, to head west to find out just what the hell was out there. In a grammatically incorrect expedition journal entry, Clark described the first encounter: "In the evening we saw a Brown or Grisley beare on a sand beech, I went out with one man Geo Drewyer Killed the bear, which was verry large and a turrible looking animal, which we found verry hard to kill. This animal is the largest of the carnivorous kind I ever saw." A keen observation from a serious explorer who can't spell worth shit: This was an animal not to be trifled with. The memo, however, was not sent to Captain Zebulon Pike who headed his own expedition later. The Brent Spiner lookalike.was able to acquire a couple of grizzly bear cubs which he promptly sent to President Jefferson as either a gift or an assassination attempt. Well aware of the animal's temperament, Jefferson decided to keep the cubs anyway, describing them as "perfectly gentle" with a taste for "Indian bread" and possibly Indians, too. As all good bear cubs do, they grew too big and Jefferson decided to have them shipped to a museum in Philadelphia, storing them in cages on the White House lawn for several months until all the arrangements could be made. Needless to say, the bears were good and pissed off upon arrival. One broke free and managed to corner the museum owner in the kitchen, upon which the animal was promptly shot dead. They shot the other one dead, too, since once you get into the bear shooting groove it's actually really hard to stop. They then stuffed both corpses and threw them up for display, probably to serve as an example and a warning to all other bears. Lafayette brought with him that day a gift for President Adams: two alligators. It's unknown what possessed Lafayette to hand deliver the gators but it can be surmised there was a lost in translation moment somewhere along the way, resulting in a pair of real alligators instead of, say, alligator shoes. Whatever the case, Adams certainly knew just what to do with the reptiles: He put them in the White House bathtub, then invited government officials to his place. Hilarity ensued when members of Congress and others asked to be excused to use the lavatory. We like to imagine Adams leaning to a trusted adviser and asking, "Why do you suppose I am so despised in the Congress?" only to have the adviser's answer cut off by a Congressman running from the bathroom, his pants around his knees and shrieking, "AAAAHHHRRRGGHH!! AN ALLIGATOR HAS JUST TRIED TO EAT MY NOBLE SCROTUM!" At which point, Adams leaned back with a nice, hearty laugh. If that wasn't enough to convince you we've put some pretty great men in the White House, then check out The 5 Most Badass Presidents of All Time. Or find out about some adorable animals that can totally kick your ass in The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You. 656503 720 Air Jordan Future Volt White As with most little girls, Dynelle grew up wearing her mother's shoes around the house but unlike other girls, she made sure those shoes were kept in great condition so she'd inherit them. Today her life is kept busy by attending previews, events. You may contact Dynelle with your comments and questions. Contact meOutdoor exercise tips: What to wear for cold weather workoutsWhen there is a chill in the air, it's easy to think you'd be better off to put in a workout DVD, take your daily walk indoors at the local mall, or better yet, skip it all together. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants. 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