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Last week while flipping TV channels, I happened to catch some interesting gossip from a cheesy entertainment show reporting that Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, was being treated for low back pain at a local physical therapy clinic. This uniquely talented, five time Grammy Award winner and self proclaimed "high heeled queen of sheen" has likely done more to mess up low backs than anyone since Mike Tyson. So, here she is at the ripe age of 25 suffering back spasm. Although high heels have been in and out of fashion since Catherine of Medici invented them in Paris in the 16th century, I have always been puzzled by the strange attraction to body height which figures, since I was always the tall one in class. I had somehow missed the point, so I decided to take the question to my wife. She explained, "Erik, some women would grow their toenails long and walk on them if they thought it would make them look sexier." That answer certainly did not settle my curiosity, so I searched online for some fashion magazine photos of high heeled ladies, studied the postures and finally arrived at three seemingly logical visual advantages gained from wearing high heels. Curvier hips and a more prominent buttock happen due to exaggerated lumbar lordosis, the legs appear longer and leaner as the thoracic spine hyperextends to compensate for the swayed low back, and the female chest becomes more prominent as the shoulder girdle is driven back by the hyperextended thorax. The biomechanical effect of heels, in everything from running shoes to stilettos, has puzzled researchers and fueled controversy for almost a century. Here is an interesting experiment that will help you get an idea for the biomechanical adjustments high heel wearers deal with every day: Stand barefoot with the back against a wall and notice how your upright body column forms a perpendicular line, or 90 degree angle, with the floor. Slide a 2 inch wedge of some kind, such as a phone book, under both heels. Notice by keeping your body column rigid, you are forced to tilt forward from 90 to about 70 degrees. Now substitute it with a 3 inch wedge and straighten up so you are touching the wall again. Feel the dramatic myoskeletal adaptations that take place. Can you feel your ankles shift from dorsi to plantar flexion? In this standing position, the knees buckle, hips flex, low back sways, and the shoulder girdle retracts. The brain, guided by foot, ankle and visual proprioceptors, must instantly make a whole series of myofascial and joint adjustments to the ankle, knee, hip, spine, and head to regain and retain erect stance and equilibrium. But high heeled, posturo functional faults are not limited to the external milieu they may also inflict compressional damage on the internal viscera, particularly the pelvic bowl contents. According to a study conducted by Canadian physiotherapist Diane Lee, in "Biomechanical Effects of Wearing High Heel Shoes," published in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, excessive lumbar lordosis causes the pelvic bowl to dip anteriorly, which raises the center of gravity and leads to reduced proprioceptive stability. So not only are we unstable on our feet when wearing heels, but the increased anterior pelvic tilt squashes our poor organs. For instance, when standing barefoot, the anterior angle, or pelvic tilt, of the female pelvis is 25 degrees. On 1 inch heels it moves up to 30 degrees, on 2 inch heels it increases to 45 degrees, and on 3 inch heels it increases up to 60 degrees. 646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 ,Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Premium Laser Crimson Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR White Black Gold Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Air Jordan 6 Rings Powder Blue Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR White Black Gold Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Khaki Imperial Blue Olive Khaki 646701 700 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal As a location of fact, an excellent bargain of the developer tags have actually given various women some distinct styles of hair coat; some of these tags are Preen, Julien Macdonald, Emilio Pucci, Michael Kors Site and Thakoon. The stainless metal situation has a white bracelet which is created of acetate. A mother of pearl dial has Swarovski crystal ma . 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When finished, wash your jeans and get ready. In this tutorial, we learn how to make the perfect hole for your destroyed denim. First, you will need to grab a pair of sharp scissors. Make small horizontal cuts around 1 cm apart. Once you have made as many cuts as you want, you will use tweezers to pull out the fray that is on the bottom of the cuts in the jeans. To create nicks and grindings, use a Dremmel tool on the jeans. This will help you sand down the area of the jeans you want the hole to be and create a distressed look. When finished, you can wash these and wear them!. In this video from carahamelie03 we learn how to wear your Converse with skinny jeans. First make sure your Converse are laced the right way. The laces should go up and through the holes downward toward the shoe. Unlace the first two holes on both shoes. Wear socks that go decently far up so the Converse won push your socks down. Put your foot in the shoe and fold the bill down towards your toes and tie the laces under the bill. tuck the bow into the side of your shoe. If it too tight, make the underbow looser and tie the other laces tighter. You can pop the tongue up if you want but it. In this tutorial, we learn how to distress and cut up jeans to destroy them. First, you will grab an old pair of pants that you want to have a distressed look on. First, you will need to take some sand paper and rub it on the front of the jeans in the thigh area. After you do this to your liking, you will take your scissors and cut a small hole going down the legs. Use your hands to make the holes larger, then leave the frays at the end for a more distressed look. When finished, wash them off and wear them for a great look!. To begin, you will need a pair of jeans, a cheese grater, a book, and sandpaper. Vigorously rub the sandpaper across the jeans where you want to rip them. Slide the book down the pant leg until it between the fabrics of where you working. Continue to sand like crazy. Then take your cheese grater and do the same thing that you did with the sandpaper. You will notice a lot of fading and a small hole will begin to emerge. Use your fingers to tear at the hole until it is the desired size. Then sand the edges. Do you like to keep up with the latest fashion or are you just looking for a cool new look? Do you care about what your clothes say about you, but you prefer a more comfortable outfit? Well, sprtn117c provides a very simple and easy to understand video of how to take your favorite pair of jeans and spice them up. Torn, ripped, or shredded jeans are a great way to give your new pair of jeans a nice worn in look that not only looks great but keeps you comfortable at the same time! It just takes less than thirty seconds to know how to get great jeans without the designer price!. Jessica shows you how to relieve some anger and stress by turning your ex boyfriend favorite pair of jeans into new low rider, distressed, destroyed vintage shorts in this fun tutorial. First step: fray them on the pockets and seams by using an X acto knife. Just scrape the knife along the edges of the pockets/seams, which will take around five minutes per 2 inch section. Step 2: distress them by taking a pair of scissors and making a cut in the both knees. Then take a seam ripper (available at any sewing or crafts store) and separate all the horizontal threads around the hole. It will take. Denim jeans are a staple in every wardrobe and fashion collection. Learn how to care for jeans and get tips on wearing jeans from a fashion designer in this free video on denim jeans. Part 1 of 16 How to Care for jeans. Care for jeans Part 2 of 16. In this tutorial, we learn how to complement your skinny jeans outfit. The skinny jeans are a hot look right now in fashion and in the stores. With the skinny jeans, you can wear a top that is bigger or loose on you. Since the jeans are so tight, this will transition nicely with the different looks. Get a longer top as well, that at least hits your hips. A loose fit will work with this, especially if you have a larger body type. For the shoes, you can wear a slouch boot, because this will compliment the jeans and you won have to worry about tucking them in.

2014 Cheap 646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014,646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 Daddy, Daddy. I need to have the Millennium Falcon Star Wars Space Ship. Please, please, please. I really need it. literally, someone new to the planet would understand my son as potentially life threatening if he were to go another hour without this space ship. As any parent knows too well, this is just my son using the word when he really means to be saying It quite easy for a 5 year old (and a twenty five year old for that matter), to be confused with their and In an effort to avoid our children growing to be twenty five and still making this mistake, let have a quick tutorial. Our children seem to think that they should have everything that we (as parents) have, ignoring the fact that many our possessions have been accumulated over years. A need is something you have to have, something you cannot do without; a good example is food. Needs are things that we truly cannot be without: Some categories are both needs and wants. For example, what category do books fall under? Here the litmus test: can I live without it? If yes, then it a want. It complicated with some issues. Do I need a house? I certainly want one. But is it a true need? If I wouldn't be happy without something, wouldn't that make it a need? When trying to figure out your own needs and wants, ask yourself the following questions: What items do I need in order to get ready in the morning? Maybe a toothbrush, towel, shampoo and/or a hair dryer. How about my clothes? Do I need shoes, socks, pants, and a sweater? How do I get to school? Do I need bus fare, a bike, skateboard, or good walking shoes? Are there things I need for school? Books? Backpack? Binders? Pencils? How about things to help me study? Do I need a desk, chair and/or computer? Do I have any sports or hobbies that need equipment? Like tennis racquet, cleats, riding gear, or something else? Only you can decide what is important for you to own. When you get older, having more just gives you more to worry about (things break and things are stolen). It is more work having to keep things clean. You learn when you are older to choose your things more carefully. Decide what you need to make you comfortable. Learn to distinguish between your "wants" and "needs". Don't be so strict that you'll take all of the fun out of life. Everyone should have things that they just love, even if they are not practical. Just try and develop simple tastes. When you and your family agree with wants and needs in a budget, daily chores become easier, not to mention removing a source of stress. These simple steps will allow for the occasional indulgences while remaining focused on the long term financial goals. Living well for less has never been so simple. Exercises for developing the concept of NEEDS vs. WANTS o Place a collection of items on the table: toothbrush, milk, chewing gum, mittens, etc. Have you kids separate into two piles one for things that they need the other for wants. Talk about how wants and needs affect family life. o Give kids piles of magazines and two large pieces of poster board. Let them create two posters one of needs and the other of wants. o You and your children can make separate lists of those items that each of you need. Discuss the similarities and differences between those of their parents and grandparents. o Research the differences between wants of children in this country versus those of others throughout the world. o Get beyond their needs equals good, wants equals bad. Ask kids to distinguish between reasonable wants (I want to learn to dance), and indulgent wants (I want to rent a movie every day). You can do this as a regular exercise when driving in the car. o A great exercise is going through the monthly budget of the household and dividing things into needs versus wants, and then on the needs, breaking it down to; is it the lowest cost option. o Kids and money. Where do you spend money? What you spend money on depends on your values. Values are feelings about what is important to you. o Sometimes wants do become needs. If you live out of town and play on a ball team, a bicycle could be a need. A pair of good basketball shoes for those participating in a basketball also could become a need. But the example I always use with basketball sneakers is; do you need Air Jordan basketball sneakers, or are there regular pairs okay. o Show me someone's credit card bill and I'll tell you what's important to them. Wants versus needs stems from not understanding money priorities. This may be a great opportunity to bring in Spend, Donate and Invest as a way to help determine priorities. Once parents have taught those lessons, wants versus needs and money versus money also becomes clearer. Teaching these four doctrines starts with allowance and money. Once the doctrines are set, then the priorities are set and the money versus money should never come up. Wants versus needs, then, becomes an easier subject to cover as a reminder rather than a lesson to be taught from scratch. Tom was a 2x All American soccer player who played for the 3x National Champion University of Virginia Cavaliers. In their first outright national championship, Tom made several key saves in a penalty kick shoot out which started the Cavaliers on their 3 championship run making them one of the best college soccer teams in the history of the game. He graduated from Virginia with the University Distinguished Student Honor. After leaving the world of soccer, Tom started his current career of financial planning with Cowan. While there, he started his own company, Henske Advisors which was acquired by National Financial Partners prior to their going public shortly thereafter. He is now one of 6 partners nationwide for Lenox Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of NFP. Tom holds professional designations of:. 646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 It also adds to the ego of a woman to be admired so visibly by the men. The love of high heel shoes can make a woman spend a fortune over designer wear. Her love for these shoes has made manufacturers invent more and more innovative styles to match the current trends. You can see different colors and various categories of high heels in the market. The history of the shoes dates back to the 17th century. It was first used as a tool to help Egyptian butchers to walk over the blood spilled from the animals after killing them. It was also used by horse riders to help them from slipping while riding. But the modern day high heel shoes came into fashion when Catherine de Medici, the short little wife of the Duke of Orleans, wanted to improve her stature. She wanted to add a few more inches to her height. But she got the ball rolling and more and more women were enamored by the need to look taller. This heralded the trend of wearing high heel shoes. The high heels lost their popularity during the time of the French revolution in the 1700s. It again came into fashion a century later and stayed in contention till the early twentieth century. It was overtaken by the flat soled shoes which dominated the fashion world for some years after that. The high heels were then back with a bang with the Louis heels. And the heels have continued to be an important part of womens fashion till date. Nowadays, the apparel is also being designed to suit the wearing of high heel shoes. During the middle of the 1900, the stilettos came into fashion. They were designed to look like the dagger and were very popular with the women. With the spread of the high heels in every field, women are wearing them to each and every place. They can be worn outdoors, to the party and even for office wear. The design of the shoes changes accordingly. The heights too vary starting form a mere 2 inches to a whopping 8 inches high. The varieties include platform shoes, wedge heel, stacked heel and spool heel. Places where you can wear heels: In the days gone by, heels could be worn to parties only. But with the passage of time, high heel shoes are now being worn to the office and even for doing standard work like doing the grocery. The style icons of today set examples by putting on innovative types of high heels which are later incorporated in daily wear by the people. They may even put on embellished heels with a lot of painting and carving. But these shoes can now be worn for any occasion. Do high heels make you feel great? Due to the fact that women look more seductive and sexy, they love to flaunt their high heel shoes. Heels not only add height but also make the legs look very attractive. The entire being of the woman is transformed when she walk by with a pair of high heels. She looks very sophisticated. So high heel shoes certainly add a new dimension to the personality of every

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